Accepted Papers

1- Masked prompt learning for formal analogies beyond words (Liyan Wang, Yves Lepage)
2- Theoretical study and empirical investigation of sentence analogies (Stergos Afantenos, Suryani Lim, Henri Prade, Gilles Richard)
3- Solving Morphological Analogies Through Generation (Esteban Marquer, Shane Peter Kaszefski-Yaschuk, Kevin Chan, Camille Saran, Miguel Couceiro)
4- Towards a Model of Visual Reasoning (Ekaterina Y. Shurkova, Leonidas Doumas)
5- Exploring Analogical Inference in Healthcare (Safa Alsaidi, Miguel Couceiro, Sophie Quennelle, Anita Burgun, Nicolas Garcelon, Adrien Coulet)
6- Measuring the Feasibility of Analogical Transfer using Complexity (Pierre-Alexandre Murena)
7- A Galois Framework for the Study of Analogical Classifiers (Miguel Couceiro, Erkko Lehtonen)


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